the line body. Utilized for conveying pipes, pipe heaps and underlying lines. Item details: external measurement 300-3660mm, wall thickness 3.2-25.4mm.

The attributes of SSAW steel pipe are:

1. A similar width strip can be utilized to create pipes with various external breadths;

2. The line has great evenness and exact aspects. The winding weld increment the inflexibility of the line, so there is no requirement for measuring and fixing in the wake of welding;

3. Simple to acknowledge motorization, computerization and ceaseless creation;

4. Contrasted and other gear, it has little aspects, land occupation and venture are more modest;

5. Contrasted and the straight crease welded line of a similar size, steel doors and windows the weld of SSAW steel pipe per unit length of the line is longer, so the efficiency is lower.

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steel pipe

ssaw steel

ssaw steel pipe


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